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Chilkat HTTP User-Agent

You found this page because you saw the following user-agent in your web log:

Chilkat/1.0.0 (+

Chilkat Software is a company that develops, markets, and sells software components and libraries to companies worldwide.  Thousands of companies use Chilkat technology for email, compression, encryption, FTP, HTTP, and other Internet technologies. 

One of Chilkat's products is an HTTP component, which allows developers to write programs that communicate with HTTP servers.  In a nutshell, it is like separating the non-visual, HTTP communications back-end of a browser and packaging it in an easy-to-use API so that any application can speak HTTP for any purpose it may see fit. 

When Chilkat licenses a component to a company, it does not know how the component is used, or in what applications.  Sometimes they are used in internal IT infrastructures and sometimes in mass distributed commercial software products.  Needless to say, sometimes Chilkat products are pirated and used by unlicensed entities.  In any case,  when your web log indicates that the Chilkat User Agent is fetching resources from your web server, it does not indicate that Chilkat Software is responsible.  It simply indicates that an application developed using Chilkat HTTP is fetching pages from your web site. 

Click here to read more about the Chilkat HTTP Component.

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