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October 12, 2006

ASP.NET 2.0 Trust Levels

ASP.NET 2.0 introduces Trust Levels: Full, High, Medium, Low, and Minimal. The default trust level of ASP.NET 2.0 out-of-the-box is Full. Each trust level is explained briefly here:

  • Full Trust Your application can do anything permitted within the process (i.e. logged-in account) can do. If you are running under ASP.NET 2.0, your application typically runs in the ASPNET account. Therefore, if you limit the permissions of the ASPNET account, you can modify what Full Trust can or cannot do.
  • High Trust The same as Full Trust except your application cannot call into unmanaged code.
  • Medium Trust The same as High Trust, except the application cannot see the filesystem other than it’s own application directory.
  • Low Trust Further restricts the process so that it cannot make out-of-process calls.
  • Minimal Trust Basically useless. Perhaps you can write a program to compute PI to the 3000′th decimal…

To set your application’s trust level, modify the web.config:

        <trust level="Full"/>
       . . ..

Given that the Chilkat .NET DLL is a mixed-mode DLL (i.e. contains an unmanaged core for both security and performance in data compression, encryption, MIME processing, etc.), full trust is required (or if not full trust, a custom trust level). Many shared hosting environments do not allow for Full Trust or custom trust levels and only provide for Medium Trust. Check with your shared hosting provider beforehand, because this can severely limit your options when developing ASP.NET 2.0 applications. Chilkat’s opinion is that shared hosting providers should be able to provide custom trust levels to successfully allow applications to integrate 3rd party components. Chilkat is working on providing examples on how to do it.

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