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October 23, 2006

Chilkat Subscription Explained

Question: Our company is looking to purchase your .Net Components. What would the package price be for a single server implementation?

We plan to use the Email components (IMAP, Bounce, Email etc.). Also, will this license be have a time limit (i.e. 1 year subscription) wherein we will need to renew the license or just a one purchase deal?

The pricing is based on the number of developers supported. A 1-Developer Subscription is $289 USD. The components may be installed on any number of computers or servers, and used in any number of projects / products. The license has no time limit. The only thing that expires after one year is support. In addition:

  1. The Subscription provides licenses to all existing Chilkat components, as well as any new components released within a year of your purchase.
  2. Chilkat licenses cover *all* platforms — .NET, ActiveX, C++ libs, Ruby, Perl, Python, Java, x64, etc. (and any new platforms released in the future).
  3. New version upgrades are always free. The full versions of the components are always available at You may update to the latest version at any point in the future by simply downloading and using the latest version.
  4. Support is 1-year and unlimited in the number of incidents.
  5. The license provides for royalty-free redistribution. This means that you may include the Chilkat DLL(s) in your application’s installer.

Chilkat Upgrade Policy: You may always upgrade to a Subscription for the difference in price based on what you’ve already paid: Chilkat Upgrades.
Support Renewal: Support may be renewed by either (1) repurchasing the license, (2) upgrading to a Subscription, or (3) renewing support for a Subscription ($129 for a 1-Developer Renewal).

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