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November 3, 2006

Classic ASP String Component Freebie

A free ActiveX for ASP String processing was released today. It is not yet visible on the Chilkat site, but the download and API examples are located here: ASP String Component

Feature List:

  • Convert to/from RFC 822 Date/Time Strings
  • Convert to/from RFC 3339 Date/Time Strings
  • Language Detection - Determine what languages are present in a string: Latin1, Central European, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Cyrillic, US-ASCII. Provides the character count of each for a given string.
  • Encoding/Decoding for Base64, Hex, URL, and Quoted-Printable
  • HTML entity encoding and decoding
  • Character encoding conversion
  • Load and save text files in any character encoding
  • Strip HTML tags from a string.
  • Pluralize and Unpluralize English words
  • String replacement (first occurance or all occurances)
  • Wildcard pattern matching with ‘*’
  • Emit Multibyte Text for Response.BinaryWrite
  • Various other helpful string processing functions not available elsewhere…

Send support questions to I hope you find it useful.
Note, the component can also be used in Visual Basic 6.0, Delphi, Foxpro, MFC, or any other programming language capable of using ActiveX components.

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