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October 12, 2005

Detect Bad Email Addresses?

Could I verify the emails adress to whom I’m sending the email before sending it? The method mailman.SendEmail only send me true or false and I could tell the software user what kind of problem happens in a more convenient way (like "Check if emails are written in the right way or if they really exist) and not recipient not found in the middle of a huge mailman.LastError

The Chilkat Mail component will record email addresses identified by the SMTP server as invalid, and you can access them via the mailman.GetBadEmailAddresses method. If the SMTP server does not identify a bad email address then you will get a bounce back to either the "From" address or the address specified by the email.BounceAddress property. Note: It is impossible to know with 100% certainty the validity of all email addresses ahead of time. This applies to any email client, not just the Chilkat component.

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