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May 3, 2007

Passing Unicode Strings to Chilkat C++ Methods and Properties

The Chilkat C++ static libs for VC6, 7, and 8 are Unicode capable, although it may not seem like it. The methods have arguments of "const char *", but not "wchar_t *". So how can Unicode be supported?

It’s easy: Each Chilkat class has a Utf8 property. You’ll find this in each Chilkat class’s definition:

	bool get_Utf8(void) const;
	void put_Utf8(bool b);

By default, the Utf8 property is false, which indicates that all "const char *" arguments are interpreted as ANSI character strings. If however the Utf8 property is set to true, then "const char *" arguments are interpreted as utf-8. (Utf-8 is the multibyte encoding of Unicode.)

The CkString class can be used to convert to/from utf-8, ANSI, wchar_t *, or other character encodings. Here are some examples:

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