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June 11, 2007

Display Web Browser in Visual Basic Program

This example has nothing to do with Chilkat, but we get asked the question from time to time: How do you display a web browser in a program? The most common solution is to use Microsoft’s WebBrowser ActiveX to embed Internet Explorer into your application. Here is a simple VB6 project to embed Internet Explorer.

The entire source code for this program is listed here:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    WebBrowser1.Navigate2 "about:blank", navNoReadFromCache
    WebBrowser1.StatusBar = True
End Sub
Private Sub Form_Resize()
    WebBrowser1.Width = Form1.Width - 400
    WebBrowser1.Height = Form1.Height - 1200
End Sub
Private Sub LoadUrlBtn_Click()
    WebBrowser1.Navigate2 UrlTextBox.Text, navNoReadFromCache
End Sub

Here is a screenshot (after "Load URL" has been clicked): Embed Web Browser in Application

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