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June 11, 2007

Processing a Large IMAP Mailbox (over 100,000 emails)

A new property and two new methods have been added to the Chilkat IMAP component to make it easier to process mailboxes containing a large number of email messages. (This was prompted because of a customer need to process a mailbox with over 100,000 messages.)

The NumMessages property was recently added to the IMAP component. Whenever a mailbox is selected via the SelectMailbox method, the NumMessages property will be automatically updated to reflect the number of messages in the mailbox.

A mailbox will contain emails having sequence numbers ranging from 1 to NumMessages. Two new methods, FetchSequence and FetchSequenceHeaders, have been added to make it possible to download emails within a range of sequence numbers. A large mailbox can be processed by downloading and processing in chunks, perhaps 100 at a time.

Examples of using FetchSequence have been uploaded to
C# FetchSequence
VB6 FetchSequence
C++ FetchSequence
Perl FetchSequence
Python FetchSequence
Ruby FetchSequence
FoxPro FetchSequence
Delphi FetchSequence
VB.NET FetchSequence
ASP FetchSequence

Note: The Search command is not used. In fact, it would be disastrous to do a search for "ALL" on a mailbox with 100,000 messages. The IMAP server would surely take a long, long time to respond.

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