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June 12, 2007

Read Binary File in Ruby

This example shows how the CkByteData object can be used to read and write binary files in Ruby. The CkByteData object is a container for binary data. It provides methods allowing the data to be manipulated and accessed, saved and loaded. The CkByteData.getData method can be called to copy the binary data into a Ruby binary string.

require 'chilkat'
byteData =
# Load a binary file into the CkByteData object.
# Save the binary data to a file.
# Write the file using Ruby.
f ="",  "wb")
# In Ruby, a String object holds and manipulates an
# arbitrary sequence of bytes, typically representing characters --
# but the bytes can just as well be binary data.
# Get the bytes as a binary string (of bytes)
s = byteData.getData()
# how many bytes are there?
print s.size.to_s() + "\n"
# save the bytes to a file:
f ="",  "wb")

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