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June 19, 2007

New FTP2 Property: Account

The Account property has been added in the latest version of the FTP2 component. Some FTP servers require an Account name in addition to login/password. The new property handles these cases.

In addition, it is now possible to leave the Username/Password properties empty for those cases where an empty username is required. For example:

I am trying to connect to an IP address via FTP. This is not an ftp server but a network printer that has ftp access through it’s IP.
What I want to do is basically connect to the printer and send a firmware code that will upgrade the printer.
When I test the routine through a command prompt I see that, when I am prompted for a username, I just need to press enter. The printer skips the password request and returns "user default logged on" and waits for my next input…

If this works I will be doing a firmware upgrade on 1700 printers all over Greece for a major project at the company I work for…

(It worked, and Chilkat FTP2 is now being used to upgrade printers in Greece… )

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