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July 9, 2007

Creating Self-Extracting EXE’s for Windows 98/95/ME

The self-extracting EXE’s created by the Chilkat Zip component’s WriteExe method are compatible with Windows NT4 and upwards. Unfortunately, because of Unicode support issues, the EXEs are not compatible with Windows 95/98/Me.

However, Chilkat has an alternative method that makes it possible to create Win98 compatible self-extracting EXEs. A non-Unicode "payload" can be downloaded from This can be used in conjunction with the WriteExe2 method, as shown in this VBScript example:

Self-extracting EXE’s created by Chilkat Zip have no limitation on total size, or the size of any individual file embedded within the EXE. Unicode filenames are supported for NT4 and above (i.e. when creating EXEs via the WriteExe method). The "payload" used by WriteExe is actually embedded directly within the Chilkat DLL (or .lib), so there is no need to use an external payload.

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