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July 11, 2007

POP3 Sub-Mailboxes

The POP3 protocol does not explicitly support multiple mailboxes for a given user account. However, some POP3 servers provide the ability to access sub-mailboxes by specifying the mailbox name as part of the login name. For example:

A POP3 user will only see their Inbox mailbox if they log in with their user id and password.
To view the content of sub-mailboxes through POP3, you must first click below to enable POP3
 for that sub-mailbox. Then you must log into your account using the format For example, to retrieve email from a sub-mailbox called
 "work" through a POP3 connection, and your existing email is johndoe@domain, you would
use the username johndoe-work@domain.

Check your POP3 server documentation to determine if sub-mailboxes are supported and how you might access them programmatically.

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