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July 12, 2007

New FTP2 SSL Certificate Functionality

The new functionality described in this post will be available in the next official release after 12-July-2007. It is currently available as a pre-release.

New FTP2 Properties:

SslServerCertVerified (boolean, read-only)
    Applies for SSL or TLS connections.  If True, then the FTP server's SSL certificate was
verified.  Otherwise, the SSL certificate was not verified to a root certificate authority.
RequireSslCertVerify (boolean, read-write)
    Set this property to true/false prior to connecting to the FTP server (using SSL or TLS).  If
 the FTP server's certificate cannot be verified to a root authority, the connection is aborted
 prior to sending any login information.

New Methods:

* This is pseudo-code.  The syntax varies according to programming language...
Cert *GetSslServerCert(void);
    Returns a Chilkat Cert object containing the details of the FTP server's SSL certificate.
This object can be used to obtain more detailed information about the certificate.
void SetSslCertRequirement(String certPropName, String certPropValue);
    Applies an additional constraint on the FTP server's SSL certificate that must be satisfied.
If the requirement is not met, then the Chilkat FTP component will abort the connection before
 sending login credentials.  The certPropName corresponds to a certificate property, such as
"SubjectDN".  The certPropValue must match (exactly) the value found in the SSL server

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