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October 20, 2005

C++ Web Crawler using Chilkat Spider C++ Class Library

<font face=courier size=2>
void testSpider(void)
    // Spider a site and collect outbound links.
    // A C++ web crawler can be created by using the CkSpider class
    // to crawl a site. The domains of the outbound links can be
    // added to a list of "not-yet-spidered" domains where those
    // in turn can be spidered by CkSpider.  There is great flexibility
    // in limiting the number of pages crawled, and avoiding pages
    // with URLs matching "avoid patterns".  The C++ reference
    // will soon be available, but one can study the reference doc
    // for the methods/properties of the Chilkat Spider ActiveX
    // at <a href=\"\">Spider ActiveX</a>
    // The method/properties for the C++ class are the same. Refer to
    // the CkSpider.h header file for specifics.
    // The CkSpider class is included in the "Chilkat Visual C++ Library", which is the 2nd
    // download listed on this <a href=\"\">downloads page</a>
   // Almost forgot… of course it is robots.txt compliant…
    CkSpider spider;
    // Set the cache directory.
    // (Run this program twice, and you will see how the 2nd run fetchs from cache.)
    spider.put_FetchFromCache(false);	// Fetch from the cache if possible
    spider.put_UpdateCache(false);	// Update the cache with pages that are fetched.
    CkString html;
    CkString lastUrl;
    CkString lastTitle;
    int count = 0;
    while (spider.get_NumUnspidered() > 0)
        // Download the next unspidered URL.
        // In this example, we are not doing anything with the HTML content
        // of each page spidered.
	// Log the URLs and HTML title tags of each URL fetched.
    // Now list the URLs we spidered, and the outbound links accumulated.
    int i;
    CkString url;
    printf("Spidered URLs:\n");
    for (i=0; i<spider.get_NumSpidered(); i++)
    printf("Outbound Links:\n");
    for (i=0; i<spider.get_NumOutboundLinks(); i++)

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