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August 29, 2007

Why Can’t I Change the FTP Remote Directory to C:\Temp?

What’s wrong with this line of code?

success = ftp2.ChangeRemoteDir("c:\temp")

Although the directory "c:\temp" may exist on your FTP server, it may not be accessible from your FTP user account.
An FTP server manages it’s own user accounts. Each user account has it’s own home directory, which can be "rooted" anywhere. For example, your FTP server administrator may have placed user account "Matt" at:


When "Matt" logs in, he is automatically placed in that directory. Setting the remote directory to "\" is the same as setting it to "c:\myFtpServer\user_accounts\Matt". Also, Matt is not allowed to access directories anywhere else — he is only allowed access
to files and directories beneath his root. Therefore, "C:\temp" does not exist from within the context of the FTP account.

Note: You would never use drive letters with FTP remote directory paths…

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