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September 6, 2007

FTP Detect Restart Ability

  1. How do we determine if the FTP server supports resume?
  2. How do we send FTP commands to the server?
  3. Is there an up to date manual for the FTP ActiveX? There are many properties and methods contained in the ActiveX which is not on your web site
  4. Can we use "ftp.RestartNext = 1″ even if the server does not support resume?

1) We will add a property today that can be used to check if the FTP server supports RESTART. The way it tells is by sending a "FEAT" command to the FTP server. By default, the Chilkat FTP2 component automatically sends a FEAT command after connecting/authenticating. There is an AutoFeat property that can be set to false to disable this behavior — because some FTP servers do not support the FEAT command. There is also an explicit Feat method that can be called to get the raw response of a FEAT command.

2) There is a SendCommand method that can be used to send a raw command to the FTP server and receive back the raw response.

3) We are working on the reference documentation and we realize it does not reflect the latest features of many of the components.

4) No, you cannot use RestartNext=1 because if the FTP server does not support restart, the REST command will fail (as an unrecognized command).

I’ll notify you when the "HasRestart" property is available.

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