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September 13, 2007

Building .NET Application for both 32-bit and 64-bit Platforms

The DLL filename for the Chilkat x64 .NET (2.0 Framework) DLL has been changed to "ChilkatDotNet2.dll", to match the filename for the 32-bit DLL. The reason is to make it easier to build and deploy a single application to both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Here’s an excerpt from a customer email, reproduced with permission:

I did use the GAC, but I think it would also work to replace the 32 bit DLL with a 64 bit one in the program directory. I will try that, because I don’t prefer to use the GAC…

Well, I just tried it and that’s working also. The problems I did experience are caused by the name mismatch!

The CopyLocal is not work properly on my develop machine. Even when I explicitly set CopyLocal to false, the DLL is still copied to the ‘bin\’ folder.

I think I remove the DLL from the GAC on both machines and prefer to put the right DLL in the program directory. Although, the disadvantage of this method is to watch out when I deploy the solution, because I have to deploy my solution without the Chilkat DLL…

To summarize:
Just develop with the 32 bit or 64 bit DLL (according to the used develop machine) and replace the Chilkat DLL in the program directory with the right one for the targetmachine and it will work fine!

I have to say that this is not working for ClickOnce applications, since a ClickOnce application does not have the ability to change a DLL on the target machine. So in case of using ClickOnce, using the GAC will be a solution. Remains the question how to place the right DLL in the GAC automatically using ClickOnce for deploying… I think that’s impossible, so you have to add the right Chilkat DLL on the target machine manually when using Clickonce (and that’s not a very nice solution).

Anyway, at this moment I only use the Chilkat .Net components in a Windows service which I deploy manually. The provided solution will work fine for me!

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