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October 26, 2007

Events not Firing for Asynchronous FTP (Background Upload/Downloads)

Having a problem with events not triggering on FTP .NET component. C# code attached below. Trying to trigger an OnEndUploadFile() event. however the event code never gets calls — even though the FTP send completes successfully.

Any help greatly appreciated.

        private void buttonFileUpload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Chilkat.Ftp2 chilkatFTP = new Chilkat.Ftp2();
            chilkatFTP.OnEndUploadFile += new Chilkat.Ftp2.EndUploadFileEventHandler(chilkatFTP_OnEndUploadFile);
            chilkatFTP.EnableEvents = true;
            chilkatFTP.Hostname = "";
            chilkatFTP.Username = "myLogin";
            chilkatFTP.Password = "myPassword";
            chilkatFTP.Port = 21;
            chilkatFTP.AsyncPutFileStart(textBox1.Text, "./FTP/" + Path.GetFileName(textBox1.Text));
        void chilkatFTP_OnEndUploadFile(object sender, Chilkat.FtpTreeEventArgs args)


The AsyncPutFileStart method starts a background thread to do the transfer. It’s not possible to fire an event from a background thread to the foreground thread. There are two possible solutions:

1) Your app should create a timer event that fires periodically to check the value of the AsyncFinished property. When it becomes true, then the background task is complete. Also, there is an example here ( ) that shows how to do progress monitoring with an asynchronous (background) operation.


2) Do the upload in the foreground by calling PutFile. However, set the HeartbeatMs property to a value such as 100 to receive AbortCheck events every 100 millisec. Within your AbortCheck event handler, you should call DoEvents to keep your UI active and responsive.

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