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November 13, 2007

How do I FTP download to a specific local directory?

I’m using the FTP Activex. you only have examples of changing the remote directory.. How do I download to a specific local directory?


The GetFile method accepts two arguments, a remote filename, and a local filename:

bool GetFile(string remoteFilename,  string localFilename);

The localFilename can include a path, relative or absolute. For example:

success = ftp2.GetFile("test.txt","c:/temp/test.txt");
success = ftp2.GetFile("test.txt","../xyz/test.txt");

If you don’t include a path for the localFilename, the file will appear in the calling process’s current working directory.

Note: Any Chilkat method that accepts a filename for an argument can be considered to implicitly accept an absolute or relative filepath as well.

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