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November 20, 2007

Writing LastErrorText to ASP Response

Each Chilkat component has three standard properties: LastErrorText, LastErrorHtml, and LastErrorXml. They all contain the same information, but in different formats: plain-text, HTML, and XML. These properties contain detailed information about the last method called. If the method is successful, the last-error information will provide non-error information, just in case you are interested. For example, during a POP3 SSL connect, you may wish to visually verify the SSL connection details…

If your ASP page writes LastErrorText using Response.Write, you may wish to HTML-escape it, and enclose the output in pre-format tags (

), otherwise it’s a jumbled mess, and any left-angle bracket characters will hide output, because the browser will interpret this as the opening of an HTML tag. Instead, write LastErrorHtml to Response.Write.

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