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October 27, 2005

Using All-or-None and GetBadEmailAddresses

A new VB6 email example was just posted to:
Using All-or-None and GetBadEmailAddresses

It demonstrates how to use the mailman.AllOrNone property to prevent sending any email if any of the addresses in the recipient list are rejected by the SMTP server. (Note: Not all SMTP servers check the validity of email addresses, and even for those that do, it is not 100% accurate.)
Anyway, the example program shows how to remove the bad recipients from the email address list and re-send.

The Chilkat APIs (methods and properties) are identical across platforms (.NET, ActiveX, C++) so the same code (with language syntax transformations) will work on each platform.

Also: A problem was discovered with ActiveX’s GetBadEmailAddresses method, so be sure to download the latest build from

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