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November 30, 2007

Licensing Infrastructure — There is none.

We do not want any popup window for registration type messages. Moreover, the component needs to be part of application that can be deployed to an unlimited number of computers. Does the Chilkat licensing fit these requirements?

Yes. Chilkat’s runtime licensing is designed so that there is no licensing infrastructure. When your program passes a valid permanent unlock code to the UnlockComponent at runtime, the string is checked to see if it conforms to a secret algorithm (in much the same way that you can tell if a credit card number or driver’s license number is valid). If yes, then an in-memory flag is set to indicate the component is unlocked. There are no external file or registry accesses. Moreover, your application can run on any computer because the unlock code is embedded directly within your source code. The permanent unlock codes are also valid for all future versions, and across all programming languages: ActiveX, .NET, C++, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, etc.

When you pass a string to UnlockComponent that is not a valid permanent unlock code, the component will only then check the registry to see if you are within the 30-day trial limit. If not, UnlockComponent returns false / 0. The Chilkat components never produce popups.

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