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December 5, 2007

URL Encoding in Visual Basic 6.0

The CkString ActiveX component is a freeware component that can be used for many tasks, including URL encoding. Here is an example:

Visual Basic: URL encoding in Visual Basic 6.0

More string examples (ASP-centric, but valid for VB6 and any other language that uses ActiveX) can be found here: String component examples

Capabilities include:
- Parsing RFC 822 Date/Time strings
- Parsing RFC 3339 Date/Time strings
- Encoding/Decoding - Hex, Base64, URL, Quoted-Printable
- Language Detection based on Unicode blocks
- Loading text files from any charset
- HTML entity encoding/decoding (comprehensive)
- String replacement, trimming, simple pattern matching, …
- Strip HTML tags
- Pluralize/unpluralize English words.
- odds and ends…

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