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December 10, 2007

POP3 Session and UIDLs


I have been working with one of your examples to get the most recent emails received on the POP account by using the mailman.GetUidls. I have this process on a timer so it calls GetUidls every 30 seconds or so. If I receive a new email within the 30seconds, the mailman.GetUidls isn’t reflecting it. I have to stop my app and start it again. It appears that the mailman object isn’t refreshing its data with the subsequent calls to GetUidls. I tried calling mailman.Pop3BeginSession hoping that would reset it but have not had any luck. Do you have any idea what I might need to do to refresh the mailman object to properly get GetUidls to work?

You need to call Pop3EndSession(), which causes the component to end the POP3 session and disconnect. The next method call will automatically re-connect and start a new session, and you’ll see the full set of UIDLs. The POP3 protocol is such that when your program connects, it gets a snapshot of the UIDLs in the mailbox. Any emails added or deleted will not modify the snapshot. If your program re-asks for the complete set of UIDLs at any point within the POP3 session, it will receive the same snapshot of UIDLs that existed at the beginning of the session.

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