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December 17, 2007

Retrieve only the new text from the body, not the whole history…

I’m using Chilkat Email to send emails to our customers. The emails are created with the firms email address, so when they reply to the emails, all of them are collected in one POP3 address.

My problem is that I want to retrieve only the new text from the body, not the whole history. Is there any way to solve this with Chilkat Email?

It depends on how the reply email is structured. If each subsequent response is packaged neatly within it’s own MIME sub-part, then the email.Body property will contain only the new text. However, if the mail client that created a response decides to glob all replies into a single text or HTML body, then there is no formal structure that Chilkat can parse. You’ll have to examine the email(s) to determine if it makes sense to parse the content — with the risk that it may change in the future if the behavior of the email clients or whatever software is producing a reply changes its behavior.

See this blog post for more information:

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