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December 18, 2007

Sending Email to 30,000 Clients

I am currently a satisfied customer using the Email ActiveX object in a Visual Foxpro application. I would like to extend its use from single email sending to mass mailing for a customer so he can send out offers to his 30,000 clients with email addresses.

I already have this app written using someone else’s email object, but while it works fast, it is not always reliable in that the customer reports sporadic lockups on the sending PC.

I’ve written the same app using the Chilkat ActiveX object and found that it works fine, but runs slower. I assume the slower mail upload is due to signing on and off with the SMTP server for each email that is sent out. The other email object has signon and signout methods that allow you to sign on, then send a bunch of emails and then sign out.

Does the Chilkat ActiveX object have anything like this?

The Chilkat Email component is not engineered to send millions of emails, but it can be an effective tool to send email to a client list on the order of 30,000. Chilkat has many customers such as professional associations, or large companies needing to send company-wide emails to all employees where this is needed.

Older versions of Chilkat Email did indeed use a separate SMTP session for each SendEmail call. However, starting with the new version in April 2007, the component keeps the SMTP session open. Here are more details: Minimizing SMTP Sessions

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