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December 18, 2007


Thanks. I just had them renew the support. This is a great Library. I found myself incorporating it into just about every type of application I write from Network Servers to CAD/CAM. I don’t think I’ve ever used a Library with so many uses.

Thanks very much - I really appreciate your excellent support.

Incidentally, I’d be more than happy to give you my professional endorsement for your product. As you know, I’ve used it for years and, frankly, there’s nothing else out there that even comes close. The real clincher is the level of support as was evidenced today, and also a couple of years ago when you helped me to use the FTP2 class to interface with a 30 year old MVS mainframe…

I hold the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for ASP.NET, which certainly carries a bit of clout in the development community…

Your product is one of only three that I recommend unreservedly to other developers…

Thanks again thanks for your quick and helpful support, this is another area where your product has excelled and left us looking for other uses to which we might apply some of your other products.

Thanks again for turning this around so quickly. Chilkat support totally rocks! If you guys ever need a reference, feel free to give my email address and I would be more than happy to share this experience with them.

With chilkatmail + zip + crypt I have a mailbot application 24×365 to support questions to databases with over 3 millon messages since the installation, with digital signature and making backup over midnight.

Now i’m developing another application to publish data in an ftp server.

Just to let you know I finished integration of ftp client in our software. It was really easy thanks to the great quality of the software and the examples provided.

For what it’s worth, I looked at 3 other products before choosing your’s. Yours worked. I had a goofy problem with other tools, even though I specified ascii download, the other ones were corrupting my text file (joining all the lines together).

Good job on the product. It was simple and quick to evaluate, too.

I must say again - I would not be able to do the work I do without your great components - I send out a huge number of highly branded emails every day, thanks to you - and it is making my business rock

Many many thanks

Thank you, for your perfect support.

By the way, your components are probably the best third party tools I have ever used.

Must say - it’s GREAT to deal with another programmer! Especially a friendly chap like yourself. You are going to be a millionaire one day! Know it Dude. Know it.

Your components and support are awesome. This is the first time I’m using your software. I’ll be in touch soon to make the purchase!

I hope you are well. Things with the Chilkat librarty are working well for us. To date, we have processed over 100 million emails with your software.

Thanks Matt, I think this is the best support I ever have had beforeJ

I’ve heard good words about Chilkat Mail ActiveX components from other developers and I want to use it in my new project (I am Visual Basic developer).

There are just so many ways that software can throw up spanners it’s just handy that there’s someone out there that can put it right. Chilkatsoft - great products and great support - not all companies have them both!!!!!!!

After all the help you gave me last week without a moments hesitation, I felt I owed you a testimonial. Use as you see fit with my permission.

Unexpectedly, I was handled a rush project that required the use of
scripting an FTP Files transfer of some server logs from a firewall
protected server of ours. Unfortunately, the server that needed to run this program was an old NT4 server. We did not have time (nor would it be worth it) to upgrade the hardware.

I approached Chilkat Software, and although their current product
offering did not include an NT4 compatible version, they quicky offered to see if they could compile one for me. This was all Pre-Sales of any kind.

Within a day, they contacted me with a link to an NT4 version which worked better than I had hoped. Since then I have ordered their developer bundle, and I must say all of their controls work equally as well or better.

Licensing and prices are the most reasonable I have found.

I have nothing but the highest praise for Chilkat Software, their
products, and especially their support.

Thanks again for helping me out!

Again, I want you to know how much we appreciate all your assistance, and how you are always committed to helping us overcome our technical issues and problems. Your service adds tremendous value to your excellent products!

I hope we have no further question in the future, but we are very satisfied with your support.

The end result is I do not see a linear growth in memory utilization on the latest DLL which would indicate a leak. So, I think I will put this puppy to bed and thank you for your help and as usual, quick response.

BTW, your components are very good, and I’m finding them
bug free. They are saving me a lot of time. I’ll look for a chance to buy more and help a fellow software business.

I love your products, and your support matches that
level of excellence!

No Problem, thanks for the excellent tools, I look forward to seeing what your future additions will be.

Thanks for the great product and support you provided us. It’s rare to find good third-party software that really works.

Your changes worked just great! I can’t tell you how nice it was to not only hear from you today but to actually have new code in hand before the end of the day. As a software developer myself, I definitely appreciate the time and effort you gave to this problem.

If there is anything I could do or anyone I could contact to let them know we appreciate the support you have provided, just let me know and I will be happy to do so.

Thanks a lot.

I think your products are absolutely fantastic, and save me a fortune of development time.

Now that’s support. You are a model of helpfulness that I will try to emulate with my own customers. Thank you.

You are always a great help and are worth your weight in gold.

It was absolutely right – I did not realize I had an x64 system, it’s a new machine. J

Thank you very much for the speed-of-light help, I am very impressed!

Wow, what a FAST reply!!!
Congratulations for your excellent service and have a nice day

Good chatting with you this morning. We’ve zipped and unzipped some 5,000 files in the last 10 days and you .DLL component has worked flawlessly. I hope we can implement this and other components and other customers, soon.

Thanks (once again) for your great and fast support!

…I’m too tired to alter my source code now (about to leave work for the weekend) but I will modify the code next Monday and take the program out for a test drive. The Email ActiveX is solid as a rock and has saved me hours of work messing around with sockets etc. It’s probably the best $99 I’ve ever spent.

As always you’re prompt and HONEST.
That’s why I like doing business with you.
You take care. You’re a real breath of fresh air.

Your follow-through is incredible. I would like to test the ActiveX component.
By the way, I worked through the firewall issues that I was having. I appreciate your help and support.
Doing business with your company is a real pleasure.

First off, I’ve been using the Email and FTP2 controls in apps that run 24×7 for @ 2 years now with zero problems. Great products.

Matt, both issues are fixed in less than one day.
you are the fastest support in the world…
with this support, we are very comfortable to use more chilkat controls in the future.

Thank you for your help today. What fantastic customer service!

Brilliant, Thanks,

You guys are my favorite company, second only to mine of course

I hope when my company is up and running, I will be able to mimic your professionalism and support. You are an inspiration on many levels.

You’re right, you’ve the solution! It worked!
And it seems that it works just fine!
Thank you very much for the good (and hard) work! I, and also my superior, really appreciate your support effort!

Thank you for your quick response. Yes, please keep me updated. I’ll see what we can do: I really like the way that your dll integrates with our applications and how it have been working flawlessly.

…A long time very satisfied user of your .net components

BTW I just want to take this opportunity to let you know that your components are certainly some of the easiest to use and best documented components I’ve had opportunity to use. Great job.

Thanks for such a quick response … Your software was recommended from a friend so I knew it would work great!

works like a charm!! thanks for creating a solid component!!

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