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December 18, 2007

Embedding .zip in a DLL

I downloaded your software for eval. The ActiveX Zip component is what I’m evaluating. I’m testing the ability to embed a zip file in an EXE, which works great. But what I really need is to embed the zip into a DLL. I tried and it will embed, but OpenMyEmbedded fails when it is a DLL. Is that something easily resolved, or does the format of a DLL make it impossible? Obviously I don’t program at the level to know the answer.

I think the problem is that OpenMyEmbedded calls the GetModuleFilename (, which is the MS Platform SDK method to return the EXE filename of the calling process. Therefore, OpenMyEmbedded is opening the .exe of the calling process, but not the DLL. I think you’ll have to call OpenEmbedded instead, and pass the DLL filepath to it.
Hopefully that will work. :-)

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