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January 17, 2008

Email Component Tested with Outlook 2003 / 2007?

We’re interested in using email components to …. We have a couple of questions, though:

1) Has the solution been tested with Outlook 2003, 2007?
2) Have you ever run into a problem with recipient’s mail servers treating the automated email as spam simply because it didn’t come out of a "standard" email client like Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc?

1) The component works with Microsoft Exchange Server, if that’s what your asking. Outlook is a mail client (not a mail server), so it wouldn’t make sense for one email client (i.e. the Chilkat component) to try to talk to another email client.

2) The typical header field in an email that indicates the software used to send the email is the "X-Mailer" header field. I haven’t heard of emails being identified as SPAM because of it. In any case, that field can be customized by setting the email object’s Mailer property, or by calling AddHeaderField("X-Mailer", "Your custom string")

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