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January 24, 2008

POP3 TransferMail / CopyMail does not see new email?

I have written a few programs with your component. I am having a problem
getting new mail automatically. I have a timer calling a procedure in FoxPro
and the procedure executes "loBundle = loMailman.TransferMail()" to an
already established, unlocked component. It appears to get the mail the
first time, but subsequent calls do not get new mail. Is there some time
limit to getting new email. I am trying to read new emails at least once a
minute in this app. Any help would be appreciated.

The MailMan is keeping the POP3 session open between calls, therefore subsequent calls to CopyMail or TransferMail will not see new email that arrived. Call Pop3EndSession to forcibly end the POP3 session. The next call to any method requiring a connection to the POP3 server will automatically start a new session, and any new mail that has arrived will be seen.

More info about POP3 session control.

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