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February 10, 2008


I’m wondering if your ActiveX email component supports the ‘AUTH’ smtp command?

I’ve read through your documentation. It certainly mentions various modes of authentication, but not explicitely support for ‘AUTH’ (as defined by RFC-2554).

I’m hoping that your "SmtpAuthMethod" property can be set to ‘AUTH’, but I would like to double-check on that.

The Chilkat email component (the MailMan class) automatically authenticates using the "AUTH" command when connecting and establishing a session. (See Minimizing SMTP Connections.) The argument to the "AUTH" command is the authentication method, such as "LOGIN", "NTLM", "CRAM-MD5″, etc. By default, the Chilkat email component will automatically choose the most secure method available for the SMTP server. (When an SMTP server sends the initial greeting, it includes a list of capabilities, among which are the SMTP AUTH methods it will accept.)

The SmtpAuthMethod is normally left unset (i.e. equal to the empty string). If set to a string such as "LOGIN", "NTLM", etc., it forces the MailMan to choose that authentication method.

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