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February 12, 2008

C# to Send Big5 Email

Sending Big5 email using Chilkat’s email component is as easy as setting the Chilkat.Email.Charset property = "big5″. Here is an example:

   //  Create a new email object
    Chilkat.Email email = new Chilkat.Email();
    email.Subject = "常用字";
    email.Body = "常用字";
    email.From = "Chilkat Support <>";
    email.AddTo("Matt", "");
    email.Charset = "big5";
    success = mailman.SendEmail(email);
    if (success != true)
        MessageBox.Show("Mail Sent!");

Note: If the email.Charset property was left unset, the Chilkat email component would automatically recognize the Chinese characters and choose GB2312 as the default charset. By setting the Charset property = "big5″ the entire email is encoded using Big5 when sent.

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