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March 3, 2008

Can I Send Email through Outlook?

I want to be able to create an email message, then send using the computers default email program. So if they have outlook, then it should send through outlook. If they have multiple email accounts, then they should be able to pick which account to send through. Some of my clients use AOL, so we need to be able to send through that too.

Outlook is not a mail server — it’s a mail client just like the Chilkat email component. Outlook connects to your SMTP server to send email, just like the Chilkat component connects to an SMTP server to send email. It makes no sense to try to connect to Outlook to send an email — because it’s not an SMTP server.

Anything that sends email does so by connecting to an SMTP server. There are lots of brands of SMTP servers — Exchange Server is an SMTP server (it also provides many other services). If a client uses AOL, then you would use AOL’s SMTP server. (Just like you would use for Google’s GMail SMTP server.)

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