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March 17, 2008

Creating ActiveX in an Excel Macro

Use the CreateObject statement to instantiate an ActiveX object in an Excel macro:

Chilkat Bounce
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Bounce")

Chilkat Certificate
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Cert")
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.CertStore")
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.CreateCS")

Chilkat Charset
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Charset2″)

Chilkat Crypt
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Crypt2″)

Chilkat FTP2
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Ftp2″)

Chilkat GZip
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Gzip")

Chilkat HTTP
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Http")
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.HttpRequest")

Chilkat IMAP
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Imap")
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.MessageSet")
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Mailboxes")

Chilkat Mail
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Email2″)
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.EmailBundle2″)
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.MailMan2″)

Chilkat MHT
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Mht")

Chilkat MIME
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Mime")

Chilkat PFX
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Pfx")

Chilkat RSA
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Rsa")

Chilkat Spider
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Spider")

Chilkat UnixCompress
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.UnixCompress")

Chilkat Util Objects

set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Csp")
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.CkData")
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.AppSettings")
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.CkStringArray")

Chilkat XML
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Xml")

Chilkat Zip
set MyInstance = CreateObject("Chilkat.Zip2″)

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