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November 30, 2005

ASP.NET Example Code to Import a Certificate with Private Key from a PFX

This C# example, which must be run from an ASP.NET process, imports the certificate(s) from a PFX file and installs them in the process’s Current User certificate store. (The ASP.NET process is most likely running under the ASPNET account.)

<font face=courier size=2>
		Chilkat.Pfx pfx = new Chilkat.Pfx();
		pfx.UnlockComponent("30-day trial");
		bool bMachineKeySet = false;
		bool bLocalMachineCertStore = false;
		bool bExportable = true;
		bool bWarningDialog = false;	// low security to prevent the warning dialog
		bool success = pfx.ImportPfxFile(Server.MapPath("myCertWithPrivateKey.pfx"),"pfxPassword",
		if (success)
		    TextBox1.Text = "Success!";
		    TextBox1.Text = "Failed!";

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