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January 24, 2006

Charset method parameter in FTP Component

Regarding the Charset parameter in Ftp2.PutFileFromTextData:

"I got it working (as you knew I would). But on the PutFileFromTextData there is something called charset As String). What should that be? I am trying to transfer some simple text files here.

VB6 passes Unicode strings to ActiveX method string arguments. You probably don’t want to write Unicode characters to your text file. If your text is English, you most likely want iso-8859-1 because that encompasses us-ascii (7bit) and also includes the accented characters used by Western European languages. You could also specify "us-ascii", "utf-8″, "windows-1252″, or anything else. When the ActiveX is called (and is passed a BSTR internally) it will convert it to the charset of your choice, and that data is sent to the FTP server and written to the text file. So… if you specify "iso-8859-1″ you will get the 1-byte/char that you expected..

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