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February 3, 2006

Gzip (.gz) and Unix compress (.Z) file formats now supported with Chilkat Zip

Chilkat Zip v12.2.0 was released today. It now includes components and classes for GZip (.gz) and Unix compress (.Z) file formats. Both .gz and .Z file formats are different than .zip in that they only contain a single file. The .Z file format uses the LZW compression algorithm, which was previously patent protected. However, Unisys’s patent recently expired and it is now possible to provide components and libraries using the LZW compression algorithm.

The Gzip and Unix Compress components are included under the Chilkat Zip license. All licensed Chilkat Zip customers can upgrade to the latest version at no cost — because all new version upgrades of Chilkat components are free.

The Chilkat .NET component now includes two new classes: Chilkat.Gzip and Chilkat.UnixCompress.

The Chilkat Zip ActiveX now includes two new DLLs: ChilkatUC.dll and ChilkatGzip.dll. In VB6, add references to "Chilkat Gzip" and "Chilkat UnixCompress". Then Dim your variables as "Dim gz as Gzip" or "Dim z as UnixCompress". For ASP or VBScript, the object creation strings are "ChilkatUC.UnixCompress" and "ChilkatGzip.Gzip".

The Chilkat C++ classes now include the CkGzip and CkUnixCompress classes.

Examples will be posted shortly to this blog.

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