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February 3, 2006

.NET Gzip examples

Here’s a quick synopsis of the Gzip functionality in Chilkat.NET:

Chilkat.Gzip gzip = new Chilkat.Gzip();
gzip.UnlockComponent("zip unlock code"); // Use your Chilkat Zip unlock code here…

// file-to-file compression.

// file-to-file uncompress

// uncompress to the filename stored within the .gz:

// file-to-memory uncompress
byte [] uncompressedData = gzip.UncompressFileToMem("myData.dat.gz");

// memory-to-file compress

// memory-to-memory compression
byte [] compressedData = gzip.CompressMemory(uncompressedData);

// memory-to-memory uncompress
byte [] uncompressedData2 = gzip.UncompressMemory(compressedData);

// memory-to-file uncompress
gzip.UncompressMemToFile(compressedData ,"myData.dat");

// file-to-memory compress
byte [] compressedData2 = gzip.CompressFileToMem("myData.dat");

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