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February 9, 2006

Certificate Path in Signed Email (or Encrypted Email)

Is there a way to have the Chilkat email component send the whole certificate path in the signed email? I did not realize this until I deployed this at the client. The certificate I use is issued by a 3rd party certification authority here in Iceland so I need to include the whole path in order for the receiver to verify the signature. There is an “in between” certificate in the path that needs to be included. Please tell me this is possible with Chilkat.

There is a mailman property named EmbedCertChain which is false by default. If you set this to true prior to sending, the cert chain will be embedded. All the certificates in the path up to but not including the root cert are included.

We provide this option because customers are divided in what they want — some want the certs in the chain, others don’t.

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