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March 16, 2006

VB6 function calls vs. subroutine calls

In VB6, there is a difference between the syntax for a subroutine call and
a function call. The function call is a method with arguments in parentheses,
such as:

success = zip.UnzipMatching("unzipDir","*.jpg",1)

You could also call it as a subroutine, but you *must* leave off the parens:

zip.UnzipMatching "unzipDir", "*.jpg", 1

A function with one argument might seem confusing, because both seem to work:

zip.OpenZip ("")


zip.OpenZip ""

However, VB6 recognizes the function parameter list by the commas, so the ("") is just
an expression. You’ll notice that VB6 will insert a space between the method name and
the left paren. However, if you call it as a function, no space is inserted:

success = zip.OpenZip("")

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