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March 22, 2006

Windows 2003 Server - Illegal SMTP Relay Server Issue

What is this error? (answer below)

smtp_host: ****
smtp_port: 25
smtp_user: NULL
trying_auth_method: NONE
login_method: NONE or already authenticated
CONNECTED to ESMTP server ****:25
signature_certificate: "VeriSign, Inc.", VeriSign Trust Network, " Incorp. by Ref.,LIAB.LTD(c)98″, Persona Not Validated, Digital ID Class 1 - Microsoft Full Service, AISP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
creating attached digital signature
cert_subject: O="VeriSign, Inc.", OU=VeriSign Trust Network, OU=" Incorp. by Ref.,LIAB.LTD(c)98″, OU=Persona Not Validated, OU=Digital ID Class 1 - Microsoft Full Service, CN=xxxxxxxxx
csp: Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider v1.0
hash_alg: SHA-1
alg_bits: 160
createAttachedSignature.2: The handle is invalid.
Failed to create digitally signed message
Failed to prepare email for sending.


(many thanks to a Chilkat customer for providing this info…)

If you have a Server creating the messages, to a different SMTP server.
And the SMTP server is relaying to an illegal Relay server like wrong port… For testing purpose… So emails not really are send out.

This is the error message that you get..
So I guess win2003 is doing some kind of validating of the certificate.

And this is the reason why you get the error..

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