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April 30, 2006

Chilkat Unlock Codes

Can I apply this to the current trial copy on my machine, In otherwords does the trial copy I downloaded have all the functionality of the production version?

Since I’m using the component dynamically (not putting it on a form) do have to create a .LICX file in .NET for it and if so what should the entry be in the license file?

You already have the full-version, and the full versions are always publicly available on the Chilkat site (there are no demo/trial versions).

Your permanent unlock code is the only thing you need. You pass it to UnlockComponent at runtime. When UnlockComponent recognizes a valid permanent unlock code, it simply "flips a bit" in memory and unlocks the component. No external files are accessed, nor is the registry accessed when a permanent unlock code is used. This allows your program to be distributed anywhere (with the Chilkat DLL) and it will run.

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