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Digital Certificate Component Features

  • Access information from certificate: subject, email address, serial number, thumbprint, etc.
  • Check if certificate is expired.
  • Check if private key is available.
  • Check if certificate is revoked.
  • Get certificate's intended usage.
  • Determine if cert has a trusted root.
  • Export to DER file, export to in-memory DER.
  • Export to PEM file, export to in-memory PEM.
  • Export to PFX.
  • Load from DER, PEM, or PFX files.
  • Load from in-memory DER, PEM, or PFX.
  • Export private key.
  • Export public key.
  • Create/Read/Update file-based certificate stores.
  • Create and use in-memory certificate stores.
  • Create/Read/Update registry-based certificate stores.
  • Create/Read/Update the Current-User certificate store.
  • Create/Read/Update the Local-Machine certificate store.
  • Open certificate stores in read-only mode.
  • Add certificates to certificate stores.
  • Find certificates by serial number.
  • Find certificates by common name.
  • Find certificates by email address.
  • Find certificates for email.
  • Load PFX file and use as an in-memory certificate store.
  • Remove certificates from certificate stores.
  • * This may not be a complete list of the functionality.

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