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HTML-to-XML Component Features

The Chilkat HTML-to-XML component is designed for the purpose of transforming HTML into well-formed XML for parsing. If effect, it is designed to be an HTML parser / scraper. Once HTML is converted to XHTML (i.e. well-formed XML), the plethora of existing XML parsing components and libraries can be leveraged for HTML parsing and scraping.

Also includes HTML to plain-text conversion. The internal conversion process is much more sophisticated than can be accomplished with the simple regular-expression freeware codes found in the Internet. It is more than simply removing HTML tags from an HTML document.

  • File-to-file HTML to XML conversion.
  • Memory-to-memory HTML to XML conversion.
  • Convert character encoding during conversion process.
  • Flexibility in controlling how HTML entities are handled.
  • Automatically convert HTML entities to corresponding 8-bit characters.
  • Optionally drop all text formatting tags from the output.
  • Drop/undrop specific tags from the output.
  • HTML to plain-text conversion.
  • Thread safe.

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