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MIME Component Features

  • Create an manipulate MIME and S/MIME messages.
  • Navigate the MIME message tree structure via the NumParts property and GetPart(index) method.
  • Retrieve header field names and values.
  • Add header fields to a MIME message.
  • Add a detached (clear-text) digital signature to a MIME message.
  • Convert MIME to an opaque signed message.
  • S/MIME encrypt using a digital certificate.
  • Decrypt and validate signatures in one method call.
  • Attach files to a MIME message. Chilkat Mime automatically determines content-type based on file extension.
  • Test to see if a message contains signed or encrypted parts.
  • Get the body content automatically decoded (if encoded as Base64 or quoted-printable).
  • Get the body content as a string. (already decoded from Base64 or QP)
  • Get the non-decoded body content.
  • Convert MIME to XML.
  • Test for attachment, audio, encrypted, html, image, multipart, multipart/alternative, multipart/mixed, multipart/related, plain-text, signed, text, video, XML.
  • Load MIME from file.
  • Create multipart/alternative, multipart/mixed, multipart/related messages.
  • Remove message sub-parts.
  • Set message body from binary data.
  • Set message body from in-memory string containing plain-text, HTML, XML, or anything else.
  • Thread safe.

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