SFtpDir Lianja Reference Documentation


Represents a remote SFTP directory listing.

Object Creation

loObject = createobject("CkSFtpDir")


NumFilesAndDirs As Numeric (read-only)

The number of entries in this directory listing.

OriginalPath As Character (read-only)

The original path used to fetch this directory listing. This is the string that was originally passed to the OpenDir method when the directory was read.


GetFileObject(index As Numeric) As CkSFtpFile

Returns the Nth entry in the directory. Indexing begins at 0.

GetFilename(index As Numeric) As Character

Returns the Nth filename in the directory (indexing begins at 0).

Returns .T. for success, .F. for failure.

LoadTaskResult(task As CkTask) As Boolean

Introduced in version

Loads the SFTP directory object from a completed asynchronous task.

Returns .T. for success, .F. for failure.