CkSFtpDir Perl Reference Documentation


Represents a remote SFTP directory listing.

Object Creation

$obj = chilkat::CkSFtpDir()->new();


# $boolVal is a boolean
$boolVal = $sFtpDir->get_LastMethodSuccess();

Introduced in version

Indicate whether the last method call succeeded or failed. A value of 1 indicates success, a value of 0 indicates failure. This property is automatically set for method calls. It is not modified by property accesses. The property is automatically set to indicate success for the following types of method calls:

  • Any method that returns a string.
  • Any method returning a Chilkat object, binary bytes, or a date/time.
  • Any method returning a standard boolean status value where success = 1 and failure = 0.
  • Any method returning an integer where failure is defined by a return value less than zero.

Note: Methods that do not fit the above requirements will always set this property equal to 1. For example, a method that returns no value (such as a "void" in C++) will technically always succeed.

# $intVal is an integer
$intVal = $sFtpDir->get_NumFilesAndDirs();

The number of entries in this directory listing.

# $strVal is a string
# $ckStr is a CkString
$strVal = $sFtpDir->originalPath();

The original path used to fetch this directory listing. This is the string that was originally passed to the OpenDir method when the directory was read.

# $boolVal is a boolean
$boolVal = $sFtpDir->get_Utf8();

When set to 1, all "const char *" arguments are interpreted as utf-8 strings. If set to 0 (the default), then "const char *" arguments are interpreted as ANSI strings. Also, when set to 1, and Chilkat method returning a "const char *" is returning the utf-8 representation. If set to 0, all "const char *" return values are ANSI strings.


# $index is an integer
# $outStr is a CkString (output)
$status = $sFtpDir->GetFilename($index, $outStr);
$retStr = $sFtpDir->getFilename($index);

Returns the Nth filename in the directory (indexing begins at 0).

Returns 1 for success, 0 for failure.

# returns a CkSFtpFile
# $index is an integer
$ret_sFtpFile = $sFtpDir->GetFileObject($index);

Returns the Nth entry in the directory. Indexing begins at 0.

Returns null on failure

# $task is a CkTask
$status = $sFtpDir->LoadTaskResult($task);

Introduced in version

Loads the SFTP directory object from a completed asynchronous task.

Returns 1 for success, 0 for failure.