CkSFtpDir Ruby Reference Documentation


Represents a remote SFTP directory listing.

Object Creation

obj =


# intVal is an integer
intVal = sFtpDir.get_NumFilesAndDirs();

The number of entries in this directory listing.

# strVal is a string
# ckStr is a CkString
strVal = sFtpDir.originalPath();

The original path used to fetch this directory listing. This is the string that was originally passed to the OpenDir method when the directory was read.

# boolVal is a boolean
boolVal = sFtpDir.get_Utf8();

When set to true, all "const char *" arguments are interpreted as utf-8 strings. If set to false (the default), then "const char *" arguments are interpreted as ANSI strings. Also, when set to true, and Chilkat method returning a "const char *" is returning the utf-8 representation. If set to false, all "const char *" return values are ANSI strings.


# returns a CkSFtpFile
# index is an integer
ret_sFtpFile = sFtpDir.GetFileObject(index);

Returns the Nth entry in the directory. Indexing begins at 0.

# index is an integer
# outStr is a CkString (output)
status = sFtpDir.GetFilename(index, outStr);
retStr = sFtpDir.getFilename(index);

Returns the Nth filename in the directory (indexing begins at 0).

Returns true for success, false for failure.

# task is a CkTask
status = sFtpDir.LoadTaskResult(task);

Introduced in version

Loads the SFTP directory object from a completed asynchronous task.

Returns true for success, false for failure.