AuthAzureStorage Tcl Reference Documentation


Provides functionality for authenticating calls to Azure Storage Services.

Object Creation

set myAuthAzureStorage [new CkAuthAzureStorage]


AccessKey (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_AccessKey $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_accessKey $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_AccessKey $myAuthAzureStorage $strVal

Introduced in version

A valid base64 access key for the Azure storage account.

Azure Storage Blob Simple Upload

Account (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_Account $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_account $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_Account $myAuthAzureStorage $strVal

Introduced in version

The Azure storage account name. (A storage account can contain zero or more containers. A container contains properties, metadata, and zero or more blobs. A blob is any single entity comprised of binary data, properties, and metadata. )

DebugLogFilePath (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_DebugLogFilePath $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_debugLogFilePath $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_DebugLogFilePath $myAuthAzureStorage $strVal

If set to a file path, causes each Chilkat method or property call to automatically append it's LastErrorText to the specified log file. The information is appended such that if a hang or crash occurs, it is possible to see the context in which the problem occurred, as well as a history of all Chilkat calls up to the point of the problem. The VerboseLogging property can be set to provide more detailed information.

This property is typically used for debugging the rare cases where a Chilkat method call hangs or generates an exception that halts program execution (i.e. crashes). A hang or crash should generally never happen. The typical causes of a hang are:

  1. a timeout related property was set to 0 to explicitly indicate that an infinite timeout is desired,
  2. the hang is actually a hang within an event callback (i.e. it is a hang within the application code), or
  3. there is an internal problem (bug) in the Chilkat code that causes the hang.

LastErrorHtml (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_LastErrorHtml $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_lastErrorHtml $myAuthAzureStorage]

Provides information in HTML format about the last method/property called. If a method call returns a value indicating failure, or behaves unexpectedly, examine this property to get more information.

LastErrorText (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_LastErrorText $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_lastErrorText $myAuthAzureStorage]

Provides information in plain-text format about the last method/property called. If a method call returns a value indicating failure, or behaves unexpectedly, examine this property to get more information.

Concept of LastErrorText

LastErrorText Standard Information

LastErrorXml (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_LastErrorXml $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_lastErrorXml $myAuthAzureStorage]

Provides information in XML format about the last method/property called. If a method call returns a value indicating failure, or behaves unexpectedly, examine this property to get more information.

LastMethodSuccess (boolean 1/0)

set boolVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_LastMethodSuccess $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_LastMethodSuccess $myAuthAzureStorage $boolVal

Introduced in version

Indicate whether the last method call succeeded or failed. A value of 1 indicates success, a value of 0 indicates failure. This property is automatically set for method calls. It is not modified by property accesses. The property is automatically set to indicate success for the following types of method calls:

  • Any method that returns a string.
  • Any method returning a Chilkat object, binary bytes, or a date/time.
  • Any method returning a standard boolean status value where success = 1 and failure = 0.
  • Any method returning an integer where failure is defined by a return value less than zero.

Note: Methods that do not fit the above requirements will always set this property equal to 1. For example, a method that returns no value (such as a "void" in C++) will technically always succeed.

Scheme (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_Scheme $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_scheme $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_Scheme $myAuthAzureStorage $strVal

Introduced in version

Can be "SharedKey" or "SharedKeyLite". The default value is "SharedKey".

Service (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_Service $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_service $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_Service $myAuthAzureStorage $strVal

Introduced in version

Can be "Blob", "Queue", "File", or "Table". The default is "Blob".

Utf8 (boolean 1/0)

set boolVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_Utf8 $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_Utf8 $myAuthAzureStorage $boolVal

When set to 1, all "const char *" arguments are interpreted as utf-8 strings. If set to 0 (the default), then "const char *" arguments are interpreted as ANSI strings. Also, when set to 1, and Chilkat method returning a "const char *" is returning the utf-8 representation. If set to 0, all "const char *" return values are ANSI strings.

VerboseLogging (boolean 1/0)

set boolVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_VerboseLogging $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_VerboseLogging $myAuthAzureStorage $boolVal

If set to 1, then the contents of LastErrorText (or LastErrorXml, or LastErrorHtml) may contain more verbose information. The default value is 0. Verbose logging should only be used for debugging. The potentially large quantity of logged information may adversely affect peformance.

Version (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_Version $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_version $myAuthAzureStorage]

Version of the component/library, such as ""

XMsVersion (string)

# ckStr is a CkString
CkAuthAzureStorage_get_XMsVersion $myAuthAzureStorage $ckStr
set strVal [CkAuthAzureStorage_get_xMsVersion $myAuthAzureStorage]
CkAuthAzureStorage_put_XMsVersion $myAuthAzureStorage $strVal

Introduced in version

If set, automatically adds the "x-ms-version" HTTP request header to Azure Storage requests. The default value is "2014-02-14".


# path is a string
set status [CkAuthAzureStorage_SaveLastError $path]

Saves the last-error information (the contents of LastErrorXml) to an XML formatted file.

Returns 1 for success, 0 for failure.