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July 12, 2007

POP3 - Create Folders and Move Email from Inbox to Other Folder?

I have these questions about the Chilkat POP3 functionality:

1. Is there any possibility to create folder in POP3 mail server for an particular user.
2. Is there any option or method to move mails from inbox to particular folder?


The POP3 protocol does not provide functionality for creating folders or managing email in folders. Therefore, it is not possible for a POP3 client component to provide this functionality.
Please read the notes below:

(1) Mail clients such as Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird download email from POP3 and manage email in folders on your local computer.
(2) Many mail servers implement both POP3 and IMAP protocols. Microsoft Exchange Server is one such mail server. In these cases, it is possible to create and manage folders via the IMAP protocol. (Chilkat provides an IMAP component also…)
(3) Some POP3 mail servers provide the ability to create sub-mailboxes. However, access to those mailboxes is specific to the brand of mail server. Also, the creation an management of the sub-mailboxes is not available in a programmatic way, and certainly not via the POP3 protocol (because there are no POP3 commands related to mailbox management). This blog post discusses POP3 sub-mailboxes a bit more.

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